Our Henna Body Art Tips

To get the best results from your henna powder we have some great recommendations that will ensure amazing rich, dark stain results. Your henna paste will also be extra creamy enabling you to easily do your henna designs. 

Please note that we do not use black henna, which is a chemical based henna product usually mixed with hair dye which is extremely toxic. We strongly discourage it's use. You can get amazing cherry black henna stains when you follow our recommendations. Please use safe and natural products.

First things first. Make sure you use high quality body art henna powders only. Don't use hair quality henna powders for body art. Make sure your henna is current to this year's fresh crop. Fresh henna with high dye content will give you the best results. It's key to a successful henna recipe.

Use natural, and pure ingredients in your recipe such as 100% pure essential oils, fructose, tea, water, lemon juice, etc. There are many recipes out there, and you can play around with the ingredients to create the perfect recipe.

We recommend you try our Secret Henna Recipe. Please watch our video.


After Care

Taking care of your henna design is very important to get the darkest possible results.

  • Once dry, spray or dab with lemon & sugar mixture. Allow to dry.
  • Wrap you design in our hypafix tape. Keep warm.
  • Let design sit for 4 to 6 hours, or overnight for best results.
  • Remove paste, and apply our aftercare henna balm.
  • Avoid contact with water for 8 to 24 hours to ensure a beautiful stain.
  • Design will appear light in color at first, as it takes up to 24 hours for darkest results.







            After 12 hours                  After 24 hours                     After 36 hours