Our henna and ayurvedic herbs are free of chemicals, pesticides, and additives. We import fresh henna, and herbs from various countries to ensure the highest quality. Fresh henna and herbs will give you the best results for both body art, and hair care. High quality ingredients help us create superior beauty products. Whenever possible we use organic and unrefined ingredients. 


Essential Oils

Essential oils are derived from the natural sources of plants, and flowers. They contain healing and nourishing properties for your hair, and ensure dark stain results for henna body art. They also smell amazing! 
We never use synthetic fragrances. They are widely used in the cosmetic industry, and they are not always required to list them on their labels. To find out more about synthetic fragrances please visit The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Website


Handmade Products

Our shampoo, soap bars, henna paste, and many of our hair care products are handcrafted and formulated directly by Henna Sooq. We use organic, pure, unrefined ingredients for high quality beauty products. 


Green Practices

We're a company striving to be an environmentally friendly company. We are a paperless company, and you may notice we don't ship your invoice nor packing slip with your order. We give you the option of printing your own receipt via the online checkout process. Should you prefer, we can also email you a receipt for your order by requesting one via email at info@hennasooq.com  

Please recycle or reuse materials used for packaging your products in.