Sukesh Ayurveda

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Sukesh Ayurveda for Hair

  • Organic cassia obovata: Conditions and strengthens hair, improves scalp condition, gives hair incredible shine.
  • Organic amla: Conditions hair, prevents hair loss, high in vitamin c (smooths down hair cuticle), improves condition of the scalp, nourishes the hair, equalises sebum production of the scalp, thickens hair strands.
  • Organic Neem: Anti fungal/anti septic, treats a number of scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, acne, fungal conditions, eczema, soothes itchy scalp, remove excess oil from the hair/scalp, balances sebum production, nourishes hair roots and encourages growth.
  • Organic Aloe Vera: Heals and soothes the scalp, encourages hair growth, nourishes new growth, moisturises hair, improves scalp condition.
  • Organic Tulsi: Anti bacterial, moisturises hair, protects the hair from environmental pollution, heals the scalp from various scalp conditions such as scalp acne and dandruff.
  • Brahmi: Encourages growth, strengthens hair roots, thickens the hair, heals the scalp, decreases shedding, treats scalp conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, improves overall health of scalp and hair.
  • Bhringraj: Encourages and nourishes growth, heals dandruff/fungal infections of the scalp, rejuvenates the hair, decreases hair shedding, prevents scalp from drying out, helps soothe headaches.
  • Shikakai: Has a cooling soothing effect on the scalp, gently cleanses and conditions the hair and scalp, treats common scalp problems, Nourishes the scalp and encourages new growth, slows down shedding, softens and shines the hair.

As you can see, Sukesh Ayurveda is the ultimate anti hair loss, growth encouraging, scalp improving, hair nourishing, conditioning and moisturising treatment!

Ingredients: organic cassia obovata, organic amla, organic neem, organic aloe vera, organic tulsi, brahmi, bhringraj, shikakai

Quantity: 100 grams


Using Sukesh Ayurveda Sukesh Ayurveda can be used in a number of ways just like any other herbal powder; use it as a wash, as a scalp or hair treatment or steep some powder in a little carrier oil. Following are the best ways to utilize Sukesh Ayurveda. Sukesh Ayurveda as a Wash The wash can be done in a few different ways: As a tea: In 1 cup of hot (not boiling) water or herbal tea such as Chamomile or Hibiscus, mix in 2-3 TBS of Sukesh Ayurveda powder and let steep for 1-3 hours. Add another 1 ½ cups of hot water, shake, strain (panty hose is excellent for this) and apply to wet hair. Massage into the scalp and ‘press’ into the length. Apply shower cap and rinse out very well at the end of the shower. As a herb pack: Mix enough powder for your hair with water, Hibiscus or Chamomile (herbal) tea. Add ½ tsp of your favrourite oil to the herb pack and apply to damp hair. Cover and leave on for 30 minutes. Wash out the powder VERY well. As a sludge/gravy: The consistency of the gravy/sludge is between that of the tea and herb pack. Mix the powder with enough liquid (tea, or water) until you have something similar to a gravy. Apply to wet hair in the shower and wash out very well at the very end. Sukesh Ayurveda as a Conditioning Treatment This powder is wonderfully conditioning and moisturising. Mix enough powder to cover your hair with water, coconut milk, or herbal tea until it is the consistency of thick yogurt. Apply to damp hair, cover and leave on for an hour. Wash out very well. For extra conditioning and moisturising, add 1-2 TBS of Greek yogurt per 100g of powder or your favorite oil or butter to the mix. Sukesh Ayurveda as a Scalp Treatment Sukesh Ayurveda is fantastic for healing the scalp. Make a paste similar in consistency to yogurt with water/herbal tea or coconut milk and apply to the scalp area with a plastic squirt/condiment bottle. Cover the hair and leave on for up to an hour. Wash out very well. Re-apply once every two weeks. Steeping Sukesh Ayurveda in Oil. As an oil, Sukesh Ayurveda is perfect for healing the scalp and conditioning the hair. In a sterilized jar, place 1-2 TBS of Sukesh Ayurveda and pour over ½ cup of an oil or oil blend of your choice (Golden Jojoba, coconut, olive, Organic Camellia, avocado, sweet almond, etc). Shake the jar very well and store in a cool dark place for 2-3 weeks. Shake the jar every day to avoid clumping. When the oil is ready, strain through a double layer of panty hose. Use the oil on the scalp or hair as often as needed. TIP: Add 1-2 TBS of Sukesh Ayurveda to your henna paste, conditioner, greek yogurt or other herbal treatments for intense herbal and moisturizing.

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    Fantastic results

    Posted by Alanna on 10th Mar 2014

    My hair has been thinning at the top for years. So I've tried alot of products to thicken it up. I used this product as a hair mask and was kind of skeptical, but when I rinsed it out my scalp and hair felt amazing and it looked even better the next day. I am so impressed with this product that I can't imagine not using it now. Henna Sooq has awesome customer service and the recipes and recomendations they send with the product help you get the best natural hair care experience.

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    Great ingredients

    Posted by JayBee on 19th Sep 2013

    One of the best hair treatment products I have ever used. My hair is getting better and stronger by the week! My hair was very thin and week for a long long time, and now, after using the organic Cassia Obovata and Sukesh Ayurveda for a couple months, I can actually see results in the quality of my hair. I add this product to my hair colouring treatment, but could be used on its own or with some oils, such as Amla or Argan oil. I colour and condition my hair with these products every week.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2013

    I used 2 TBSP Sukesh in 100 grams Jamila BAQ. Application and rinsing were still amazing as I've come to expect with Jamila BAQ (I had been worried about what consistency my henna would be since Sukesh has amla in it), and my colour results weren't affected at all by the addition of Sukesh: I still have that amazing red - deep mahogany sheen on my black hair. My hair tends to get extremely dry and crunchy after my henna treatments, and I've required several conditioner applications to get my hair back to normal. I FINALLY achieved that gorgeous, shiny, moisturized hair every henna head seems to raves about, with the addition of Sukesh! Sukesh Ayurveda has definitely just become my staple product!